How we think

TwoPlus is an Austin-based design collaborative exploring the space between art and architecture in public places. TwoPlus invites human interaction and reframes everyday experiences through material-driven interventions across scales - from furniture to public art to buildings. Rooted in the reality of physical space and materiality, our practice utilizes the physical acts of drawing and constructing public art to posit alternate architectural realities that present new understandings of how people experience the world around them. By emphasizing and enhancing existing beauty found in nature and everyday spaces, our work suggests that in order to create a more positive future, we must first pay attention to and understand with intention the reality that is around us.

We see public art as a trio of simultaneous forces - the work, the site, and the audience. We are interested in designing a fundamental role for the audience to play in the art itself - their presence shapes the piece, causing static forms to become dynamic, and creating new ways to engage with the existing environment. Ultimately, we hope that our work invokes a sense of play and discovery, and refreshes people’s understanding of their world.

Who we are

TwoPlus Collaborative was formed by Elizabeth Farrell and Clare van Montfrans in the spring of 2017. Each holds a M.Arch from the University of Texas at Austin, and a B.S.Arch from the University of Virginia. Clare and Elizabeth have taught architecture studios at the undergraduate and graduate level at the University of Texas at Austin. They have experience working on public art, architecture, and landscape architecture projects in both Texas and Virginia.



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